Monday, August 10, 2009

We've Moved... for quite a while...

Have not been updating for some time... :P

After two rounds of PCI, we've moved in on mid June 2009 and have been busy putting bits and pieces in the house.

So here is our "not-so-new" house... :)



[Dining/Kitchen] The kitchen has been cleared for photo taking, it is nowhere near the everyday condition...

[Rumpus] Kids playroom aka Messy Room


[Bed2] Triston chose this dark blue becoz of Geelong Cats

[Bed4] Trudy as usual... chose a girly purple colour

Might put a basketball hoop on the wall... if the rangehood vent is not too obstructing

Need to get plants for the planter boxes

VegePatch and cricket pitch at the end

Cafe blinds on Alfresco should be ready by next month


Michael said...

Wow! Looks great.. I can't wait till we can move into our house. Its still a while off as they haven't started yet, but Friday is the day!!!

Question. I love the alfresco decking. That's what we want to do too. How much did it cost you for that? Were you happy with the builder who did it?

Many thanks

hYSteRIcAL said...

It is about $170/m2 and yes, we are pretty happy with the landscaper who did it.


Bernadette and Perry said...

Love the work you've done on the back yard. The pavers and stones look so good against the decking. We have had some similar plans for the side of our place, and it's exactly the look we want. Well done!

Mary said...

Hi i am new on this.
Whats your render colour, its beautiful.
Many Thanks
Mary Mezza

hYSteRIcAL said...

Hi Bernadette and Perry,
We're happy with the stepping stones too, the kids love to play hopscotch on the pavers!

Hi Mary,
The render color is Rockcote "Dry Creek". It's kind of chocolaty :)

awen said...

Love it! Congrat on the moved guys =).

PS. My building has commenced, another Cremone to be :).

T&L said...

Hi H, You've done a fantastic job on the landscaping - looks very tidy and low maintenance. The steppers and pebbles look excellent. So much easier having a flat block (and cheaper too I would imagine). The cricket pitch is a nice touch. Could probably play lawn bowls on that too, its so flat.

Christie Luciani said...

Hi, I know this is going back some while now but I was wondering what brick you used for your home?

Many thanks

Abhijeet Bhosale said...

very clean..